What type of swimwear is best for surfing?

What type of swimwear is best for surfing?

Surfing in the early morning or the late evening is a hobby for most people. Whether you are a balancing pro, a learner, or a surfing trainer, only one more thing apart from the surfing board is likely to influence your movement and speed. Swimwear can speed you up by reducing the drag or slow you down when the drag increases. This means that choosing the right swimwear is as important as picking the right surfing board.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a swimwear


The right swim suit should neither be too tight nor too baggy. It should feel like a second skin: easy to move your arms and legs yet snugly enough to maintain a warm layer of water between your body and the fabric.


Choose the thickness depending on the weather and the water temperature. The thickness is presented in two or three numbers separated by the or (/) sign. The numbers give the thickness of the torso and thickness of the limbs in millimeters respectively. You can also consult with your local surfers for the best thickness when you are not sure.


Check the type of stitches used to piece the fabric together. A well-stitched swimsuit will be more durable, comfortable, and will not allow water to seep through the stitching.


You can have front or back zips. Choose the one you are more comfortable in. However, I prefer front zipped swimsuits since they do not restrict paddle movements as compared to the back zipped.

Fabric and quality

Choose a fabric that is soft and elastic. Most suits are made with a neoprene material that has 30%, 60%, and 100% super stretch.

Best four surfing swimwear


Nike Women’s Core Solid Sport Two Piece surf Bikini

For the experienced big wave surfers, this is the right bikini for you. It is basic in its simple structure yet comprises all the essentials of a nice surfing swimwear. It is a two-piece top and bottom with a Nike logo. After your time in the waves, the nylon and spandex material used to make this bikini dry’s off quickly.

Why it is ideal for surfing

  • Made with durable material that dries off quickly
  • The NX fabric is thick and resistant to chlorine
  • It retains its color and shape perfectly even after multiple use
  • It is simple yet elegant

Rash vests

Rash tops come in handy for beginners or surfers in hot areas. They work to protect your skin from the scorching sun and stomach chafes. They can either be long sleeved to offer more coverage and prevent exposure or short sleeved so as not to get into your paddling paws. Note that short sleeved vests do not offer sun protection.

Board shorts

Board shorts design and outlook is a good option for the warm weather. Coupled with some surf leggings made of neoprene or swimsuit material, they are flexible and more comfortable as compared to bikinis.

When choosing board shorts, ensure the waist bands are not too elastic or too tight. The last thing you want is your shorts ending up on your ankles. Moreover, pick shorts that have side ties because they are less irritating.


You can use wetsuits that are either short or full depending on the weather. Choose a thicker suit with more coverage for cold weather and a short one with less coverage for warm weathers.

O’Neill men’s Reactor Surfing Wetsuit

This is a perfect choice for any beginner or expert surfer. It is both comfortable and flexible hence giving you easy access and movement. It is great for moderate temperature due to its 3/2mm thickness. It has an impressive design with a super seal neck that provides closure and prevents water from seeping in.

Why it is ideal for surfing

  • Its design incorporates strategic seamless neck zones
  • The seam zones are strategic and capable of improving arms and legs’ movement
  • It has chafe-free edges


While men and women make different considerations and have unique preferences when buying surfing swimwear, issues such as comfort, fabric, warmth, and the right size still cut across both genders. As such, only settle on swimwear that enhances your comfort while surfing by allowing adequate arm and legs’ movements.