What should toddlers wear to swim?

What should toddlers wear to swim?

Getting a toddler ready to go swimming in the ocean, lake, or pool can be an adventure in itself. Toddlers love the water and the sun, but if they are not dressed appropriately it can be disastrous. Toddlers have very sensitive skin and if they are not protected from the sun, it can have both long term and short term damage to their skin. If you are looking to take a toddler swimming, here are some suggestions for how they should dress.

1) UV Protected Swimsuit

One essential piece of clothing for any person looking to swim is a bathing suit. If you have a toddler, you should make sure that they are dressed in a UV protected swimsuit. These swimsuits are very popular today because people are starting to see how beneficial they truly are. If you are going to be outside for a long period of time and in the sun, you should opt for a long sleeve shirt, instead of a short sleeve shirt. This may seem hot, but in fact the swimsuits are very breathable and dry very quickly. They are ideal for toddlers because they offer protection from the sun and allow your toddler to swim for hours without having to reapply sunscreen.

2) Hat

Another essential for toddlers looking to swim is a hat. All toddlers should wear a hat to help protect their head and their scalp. It is extremely difficult to apply sunscreen to your head, so a hat is the best option. A hat can protect your scalp, ears, and face from getting sun burnt.

3) Sunglasses

While it may be difficult to get children to wear sunglasses, try letting them pick out their own pair. When children wear sunglasses they are protecting their eyes from the sun. This can help them have better vision in the long term.

4) Swim Diaper

Most toddlers are not potty trained, and even if they are, it might be a good idea to dress them in a swim diaper. A swim diaper helps protect against the unforeseen circumstance of a child peeing or pooping in the water. A swim diaper is water resistant so it is able to collect and hold the waste from a child without swelling up and collecting the water from the pool or ocean. They are a must have for all toddlers looking to swim.

5) Life Jacket

There are hundreds of different life jacket options available today because more and more parents are using them on their children. A life jacket is a life saving piece of clothing that can help your child stay safe and feel more comfortable in the water. All toddlers, even if they are able to swim, should wear a life jacket to help them stay above the water. Try letting your child pick out the life jacket themselves. This will make them more inclined to wear it whenever they go swimming. Remember to read all the safety warnings to make sure that you are wearing it correctly.