What is the best material for swimwear?

What is the best material for swimwear?

While there are many different types, styles and brands of swimwear on the market today, most swim suits are all made of the same type of material. The most common fabric used to make swimwear is polyester fabric. It has many properties that make it ideal for swimming and warm weather activities, like water sports. Here are some of the main reasons why polyester fabric is the best material for bathing suits.

1) Comfortable Fit

Polyester fabric is a man made fabric that provides a soft and comfortable fit. It allows for easy stretch in all directions making it one of the most desired fabrics for competitive swimwear today. It holds its shape nicely and does not sag or tear after a few wears, which helps ensure that it stays comfortable week after week.

2) Resilient Fibers

Polyester is one of the most resilient and durable fabrics that a person could ever wear. The fibers themselves can withstand a great deal of pressure and change in temperature. They can easily be exposed to water and sun and will not crack or sag after an entire summer. They can be exposed to the sun and chlorine and will not fade easily if properly cared for.

3) UV Protection

Another reason why most swimwear is made of polyester is that polyester provides UV protection. Some clothing will allow you to get sunburnt under the clothing itself, however, this does not happen with polyester. You can feel comfortable and secure knowing that if you are wearing a polyester bathing suit, you will not get burnt under the suit and that your body will be protected.

4) Machine Washable

While all bathing suits are not machine washable, most swim suits made of polyester are. Remember to read the care instructions on your bathing suit before just throwing it in the washer. Since most polyester suits are washable they are very easy to care for and make it one of the most desirable bathing suits on the market today.

5) Quick Drying

No ones wants to go swimming and then be soaking wet for the rest of the day. If you were to go swimming in your typical clothing, this would likely happen. If, however, you were to go swimming in a polyester bathing suit you would dry very quickly. This is because polyester is a quick drying fabric that allows the water to dry quickly and keep your body dry as well. This quick drying fabric is incredibly breathable, which is ideal for bathing suits.

While polyester bathing suits are the leading bathing suits available, some suits are made of polyester PBT. This type of fabric is similar to traditional polyester, however it also repels water and is snag resistant. Another fabric that can be used for swimwear is nylon. While this is a good option, it is not chlorine resistant and can fade very quickly. So, while there are other alternatives to polyester swimwear, polyester is still the best material for all bathing suits.