Stylish swimsuit cover-up options for women

Stylish swimsuit cover-up options for women

If you are heading to the beach or the pool this summer, you will likely be wearing a bathing suit to tan and swim. While you could walk to the beach in your bathing suit, this is not always ideal. Not many of us are willing to walk down the streets, on the boardwalk, and around stores with only a bathing suit on. Also, if you want to visit any dining or shops while you are at the beach you will be forced to wear some type of cover up.

Most of us can likely find something in our closet to use as a cover up for our swimsuits like shorts and a shirt. While this would work, it would not be very comfortable or even fashionable. If you plan on spending some time in the sun you may want to make a small investment and get a cover up for your swimsuit. These options are all very affordable and versatile to allow you to move easily, feel confident and visit any stores you may want to see.

1) Ruffled Wrap Dress

One of the best options for a cover up dress is the ruffled wrap dress. This dress looks great on almost every single body type and can be used for a multitude of different things. The wrap style of the dress makes it an easy way to take the cover up off and put back on. It allows you to easily wrap the dress and wear it half open if you choose. The ruffled design helps add some unique style and design to an already great dress.

2) Onia Elise Dress

If you are looking for a more elegant dress that you can wear into dining locations and around town, you may want to opt for a dress like this. This white dress is specifically designed to keep you cool and look great. It is a semi sheer dress that goes down to your ankles. It is a simple, yet elegant, dress that will work with any suit and shoes.

3) Maxi Cover Up Dress

This affordable option is a great way to add some style and personality to your bathing suit. This cover up option works great for women of all ages and body types. It is a simple dress that has some unique features to help you stand out. It features slits in the dress to help show off your legs and a midsection tie to help show off your curves. This dress works on many different levels because you can wear it as a regular dress as well.

4) Athena Nap Dress

This mini dress is ideal for all people looking to fully cover up their bathing suit and still look dressed. This dress is fitted at the top and open at the bottom. It looks great with all types of swimsuits and shoes so you will not need to purchase any additional accessories. It looks great during all types of warm weather and can be worn as a simple dress when needed.

5) Mikoh Sayama Jumpsuit

If you are tired of the traditional cover up dresses, this jumpsuit may be ideal for you. This jumpsuit is easy to throw on and off and are very lightweight so they can easily be worn over a bathing suit. This jumpsuit is made of cotton so it dries easily even if worn over a wet suit. It is baggy and allows for room to move and breath. It is a stylish option that gives you more functionality than a traditional cover up dress.

6) L.L.Bean Stretch Swim Cover-Up, Splitneck Tunic

This tunic looks great on those with a classic sense of fashion and style. This white tunic is a lightweight option that will work perfectly over a bathing suit. It looks similar to a large t-shirt, but functions as a cover up. It is not a sheer cover up, like most, and therefore gives you more privacy and more protection for the sun.

7) Caftan

This caftan is a great cover up option because it has a large side slit that gives you more room to walk and feel the warm breeze. It is a great idea for those looking to have a simple cover up for the beach or pool. It comes in many different styles and colors so it can be worn to match many different bathing suits and shoes. Pair this caftan with a simple purse or beach bag and you will look like a million.