Should you size up or down when buying swimsuits?

Should you size up or down when buying swimsuits?

Trying to find the perfect swimsuit can be a difficult thing, especially when your body does not conform to the traditional sizes of small, medium or large. Often times, our bodies are not traditional sizes and this can lead to problems when shopping. If you are unable to find a bathing suit that fits you properly and you are trying to decide whether to size up or size down here are some things that you should always consider.

Properties of Bathing Suits

Bathing suits are made of different materials than most clothes. Anyone who has ever been swimming before knows that swim suits tend to stretch a little bit when they are in water. Since the material is stretchy it may make more sense for most people to size down when purchasing a new swim suit. If you plan on actually swimming or being in the water, you should plan to size down. However, if you are wearing a bathing suit to lay on the beach and tan you will be uncomfortable if your suit is too small and you may want to size up.

Try On The Bathing Suit

Before purchasing a new swim suit, it may be best if you are able to try the suit on prior to purchase. Trying a suit on will help you get a good idea of the overall fit of the suit. If you are unable to try on the suit ahead of time, check the return policy and see if there is one. If this is not the case, you should read the reviews to determine if the suits at that particular location or brand run big or small.

Mix and Match Options

For the majority of women who do not conform to traditional sizes, you may want to mix and match your bathing suit by buying separates. For instance, if you have a large bottom, you may need to purchase a large bottom and a small top. Purchasing the different parts of a bikini separately can help ensure that you are getting a suit that fits you.

Try Tie Bathing Suits

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a bathing suit that fits your body type and your curves is to purchase a tie bathing suit. Many bikinis feature separates that tie on the bottom and the top. If you purchase one of these suits you can adjust the ties to fit the exact proportions of your body. This will eliminate the struggle of finding the perfect fitting suit and allow you to adjust the fit yourself.

Measure Yourself

If you are unsure of what size suit to buy, you should try measuring yourself and looking at the size charts offered by the company. Measure the different parts of your body, including your upper half and lower half. Each company should list the sizes of the suit with different measurements to help you get the best fit possible. This can save you time and money when shopping.