Postpartum swimwear options

Postpartum swimwear options

Having a child is one of the greatest experiences that a woman can have. While this is a blessing for all women, it is also a life changing experience. Not only does it give you another person to look after for the rest of your life, but it also changes your body in more ways than you could ever imagine. If you have recently had a baby and are looking to go swimming, you may be in the market for a new swim suit. Here are some of the top swimsuits to consider if you have recently had a baby.

1) High Waisted Bikinis

A high waisted bikini allows new moms to still feel sexy in a bikini because it provides a little more coverage than a traditional bikini. The bottoms are high waisted to help you conceal some of the extra tummy tissue that you may have. You can choose from a wide assortment of tops to compliment your figure and the bottoms that you choose.

2) Maldives High Neck Tankini

This tankini is a more conservative option for new moms who want to take on the “mom” look. This option is ideal for women who want to hide some of their body changes. This option can help conceal your stomach, back, and boobs. It is difficult to breast feed in, however, if your pump or use formula you will not need to worry about this.

3) One Shoulder Tied Swimsuit

If you want to look and feel sexy, this tied bathing suit can do that for you. It is a one piece bathing suit, however, it resembles a bikini in style and charm. It has a simple tied up shoulder on one side and leaves the other shoulder completely open. This gives you some sexiness, but allows your stomach and back to remain concealed.

4) Plunging Neckline Swimsuit

A plunging neckline swimsuit is a perfect option for breast feeding mothers. The neckline plunges to allow you to show off some of your gifts, while making breast feeding much easier. A plunging neckline allows women to show off their good parts, while concealing some of the body parts that have changed and not gotten back to pre pregnancy quite yet. If you want to be more modest, you can find a wide assortment of necklines to fit your every desire. Some may plunge more than others, however, the choice is completely up to you.

5) Strapless Printed Swimsuit

A strapless bathing suit is always an iconic choice. If you are a new mother who is looking to stay sexy and show off you can opt for a strapless suit. This option gives you the ability to show off your shoulders, which likely are the same as pre pregnancy, while concealing other parts that you may find less flattering. You can choose to have a strapless bikini or a strapless one piece. Either option has great benefits. No matter which option you choose, the strapless top makes breastfeeding a little easier for your new addition. Try getting a printed and patterned suit to help you feel more feminine. Pick one out that shows off your personality and helps you feel more confident in your new skin.

Postpartum Body Changes

If you have recently had a child, your body will change in more ways than you could ever imagine. We all likely know that your stomach will get a little larger and it will take some time to tone it and get it back to pre pregnancy appearance. In addition, your hips will likely look larger and you may have more love handles than you had in the past. One bonus of having a child is that your boobs will typically get a little bigger as well. But if you are a nursing mother, you will need a swimsuit that you can easily nurse in. You need to consider all of these factors before you think about your next bathing suit. The above mentioned suits are ideal for postpartum swimwear options.

Having a baby comes with many different changes for your body, your energy level, and your overall confidence. If you are ready to get back to your pre pregnancy self and are up for some swimming, try to find a bathing suit that fits your overall style and personality. Finding a suit that fits you and you are confident wearing can make all the difference in the world. As long as you are comfortable in your new suit, you will surely have a great time.