Eco-friendly/sustainable swimwear options

Eco-friendly/sustainable swimwear options

The need for eco-friendly and sustainable products has never been as high as it is today. Our planet is facing disastrous situations due to the pollution and excess that we have. To help support our planet we should all be looking for sustainable products, like swimwear. Here are some of the top sustainable swimwear options that are eco-friendly and practice ethical morals.

1) Summersalt

This is one of the best sustainable companies that make beautiful and stylish bathing suits for women of all different shapes and sizes. Their products are produced using recycled textiles and all products are shipped in reusable bags. Since their products are made from recycled textiles they are actually five times stronger than other swimwear options.

2) Boden

Another popular swimwear option for those looking to shop with the environment in mind is Boden. This company ships all products in eco-friendly packaging. They are a charitable company that gives back to those who need it most. They make their bathing suits with fishing nets from the ocean, so they clean up and reuse at the same time. This company supports fair wages for all and works hard to make sure their employees and supply chain workers are compensated for their time and effort.

3) TomboyX

This swimwear company makes gender neutral one and two piece bathing suits to support all men or women in their appearances. They create beautiful and one of a kind swimwear options that stand out from others. They make all products with sustainable materials. This company is a women owned business based out of Seattle, Washington. They pay all of their employees fairly and ensure that they offer living wages to each and every person.

4) Londre

This company makes all swimwear from recycled materials that are capable of withstanding the demands of the summer weather. All swim suits are easily washable and can take on the demands of chlorine, salt water, sand and more. The products are all shipped in reusable packaging and even if you choose not to reuse the packaging, it is all biodegradable. These swimsuits are beautifully designed and feature bright colors, even though they are made from sustainable and recycled textiles.

5) Vitamin A

This company makes all products in the United States and works to create jobs in the country. They make products using recycled nylon. While making their stylish and one of a kind bathing suits they practice saving water by using digital technology to monitor their water output.

If you truly care about making a difference in the planet we live on, it is time to start shopping like it. It is important to look for companies who practice good morals. This includes companies who use eco-friendly materials and treat their employees with fair wages. These companies listed above are all doing their part to make this planet a better place for future generations. While their work is harder and their prices may be a little more expensive, they all produce high quality swimwear options that fit people with all different body shapes and sizes.