Current women’s swimsuit trends (style, print, color, etc.)

Current women’s swimsuit trends (style, print, color, etc.)

With trends constantly changing and styles coming in and out of popularity, it can be hard to keep up. Most people want a swimsuit style that’s popular and trending, but this can be complicated if you don’t know what to look for. To help with that, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 10 of the most popular styles and trends of today. You might find that there’s a style on this list that you absolutely fall in love with.


One of the most popular styles of women’s swimsuits is the floral pattern. Not only do these swimsuits usually have endless color options, but they also have a large selection when it comes to the type of flower. Some swimsuits in this style will have only a few accent flowers, while others will be completely covered in the pattern. You can also choose this style with many different types of swimsuits, including one-pieces and bikinis. You might also find that some swimsuits have fabric flowers that are sewn in and are used to add a bit of flair.


Over the past few years, crop top style swimsuits have become extremely popular. This type of top is a great option for those with larger breasts or those that need a little extra support. Most of the time, a crop top style swimsuit top will be one solid piece of fabric, but there are some options available that can be tied around the neck and/or back. They are also great for those that don’t want to show too much skin and they are regularly used alongside high-waisted bottoms.

Animal Print

Animal print has been popular for several years and seems to still be going strong. You can find almost anything from leopard print to zebra print and this design goes with almost any type of swimsuit. You can choose to go with a design that’s close to the natural look of these prints or you can change up the colors and show everyone your style. You could also get a bathing suit cover that not only gives you the coverage you need but actually matches the design or colors of your swimsuit.


If you go to any beach or public pool, chances are high that you’ll see someone wearing a suit that consists of glitter, metallics, or foil. Not only do these styles usually make women feel sexy, but the way the water and sun reflect off of them is truly magical. Just like other options in this list, most styles will have these options and you might find it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Add a waterproof belly chain to really bring the look together and blow everyone away!

Bright Colors

Take a look around the next time you go to the beach and you might feel like you’re right back in the 90s. Neons were huge back then, but are quickly making a comeback. In addition to swimsuits that are one solid color, you can find options that are multiple neons mixed together. You can find many designs and styles to choose from and you’ll want to make your final decision based on the fit and comfort of the swimsuit.

Claire Bikini Top

While it’s been around for quite some time, a style that has started becoming more popular and trending in recent years is the Claire style bikini top. This is set up like a normal bikini top with a big difference-instead of two straps, there’s only 1. Since there isn’t too much support, this particular style might not be the best choice for women with larger breasts or those that need extra support. Take a look at the designs and you’ll see that this style is stunning.

V-Front Swimsuit

A V-style swimsuit is one that is usually one piece with a neckline that goes pretty far down. Since this is the case, it’s great for those that want to be a little more revealing or want to showcase their cleavage. There are a few different styles to choose from with the v-neck, including a solid one-piece or a suit that has multiple cutouts. One thing to keep in mind is that this style might not be the best option for those with larger breasts because the neckline goes so low and there isn’t too much support.

Body Suits

While it hasn’t been too popular over the years, bodysuit style swimsuits are one of the hottest trends this season. This style strongly resembles a leotard and has long sleeves. This particular style is huge with the surfing crowd because it gives a good amount of protection. In addition to those that need this extra layer of protection, this is also a great option for those that want to show a minimal amount of skin. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you should be able to easily find the perfect suit for your needs.


The twist front style is a traditional style with a twist. Basically, it’s a one-piece suit that has a twist design in the front. Most of these swimsuits will have a halter top, but you can find styles that use different fastening options. This style is great for those that don’t want to show much skin but also want to have a bit of sexiness. The twist front is a great feature that will make the tummy area look slimmer and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole day.

Austin Top

The last trending style of the season that we’re going to talk about is the Austin top. These tops look similar to a sports bra and have a small knot on the bottom between the busts. The majority of the tops in this style will be a solid color, but you can find options that are multiple colors or patterns. Keep in mind, the Austin style top doesn’t give a whole lot of support, so it’s best for those with smaller breasts.

As you can see from these styles, trends can be all over the board. With that said, though, this gives you many options to choose from. While you don’t have to choose one of these styles, you should see that there are tons of people wearing them on the beach. If you aren’t sure which style will compliment your body the best, don’t be afraid to go to a physical location and try on different styles!